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The Flourishing Center Podcast- Life Hacks, Science and How People Put Positive Psychology into Practice

Jun 3, 2019


Practitioner Profiler (PP)- Welcome to our Positive Psychology Practitioner Profiler  where we highlight ordinary people that are doing extra ordinary things! Each practitioner is one of our graduates of the CertifIcate in Positive Psychology Program. Find out the exciting ways people are putting the science into practice within their Communities, Organizations and Lives. 

In this episode, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya CEO & Founder, The Flourishing Center highlights Anthony Simeone, a speaker, writer, and personal development coach tells us about his mission to promote the concept of everyday heroism, which urges people to take an active and positive approach to their daily lives.

“WHEN you feel like you are going through HELL… 


He created Live The Hero which is the embodiment of his efforts to make the knowledge of positive psychology more easily accessible to as many people as possible. 

Inspiring men to Live the hero…Is all about appreciating the journey! Anthony says. “Let’s face it, most men have been given flimsy advice to live by, which usually amounts to nothing deeper or profound than “suck it up, be tough, be a man.”

So, Anthony decided enough was enough. Finally, after years of struggle, study, and searching, he created a life path that serves men, rather than enslaves them to shallow ideas about what it means to be a man. Anthony created Live The Hero community. He helps men redefine what it means to be a “real man.”

Anthony uses positive psychology tools for many of his programs. Listen to find out about the many inspiring ways Anthony is making a difference in the world today! Discover his unique methods of self-care practices that allow him to be high functioning! You might even be inspired to jazz up your vocabulary!

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