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The Flourishing Center Podcast- Life Hacks, Science and How People Put Positive Psychology into Practice

Jun 21, 2019


Flourishing Friday (FF)- Welcome to Flourishing Fridays, where every Friday we bring you a Positive Psychology based life hack that will help you to flourish…  We look at real life application of positive psychology, while giving you different strategies, tips and steps to put Positive Psychology into all areas of your life.

Are you triggered by a human being?  Are there any relationships that bring out relation-shit? 

The people closest to us are a source of our well-being.  Imago relationship therapy is a form of couples therapy or counselling that helps those in committed relationships work out misunderstandings, reduce conflict, and rediscover ways to  bond, communicate, and find common ground. 

Discover how positive psychology can help with transforming conflict into an opportunity to grow and heal in your relationships.

The goal of Imago Therapy is to help you see the person you’re in a partnership with as a mirror or reflection that can help you grow to fulfill your life purpose. See dynamic as an opportunity to help you grow. This shift in perspective can help conflict within relationships become opportunity for healing and growth. The term imago is Latin for “image” and, with this perspective it is a chance to see your relationships as self-reflections and a chance to investigate feelings and grow. 

In this episode, Emiliya offers some wonderful tips to help you FLOURISH in your relationships. 

Take on the perspective people are there to support your growth and flourishing! 

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