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The Flourishing Center Podcast- Life Hacks, Science and How People Put Positive Psychology into Practice

Jul 12, 2019


Flourishing Friday (FF)- Welcome to Flourishing Fridays, where every Friday we bring you a Positive Psychology based life hack that will help you to flourish…  We look at real life application of positive psychology, while giving you different strategies, tips and steps to put Positive Psychology into all areas of your life.

Life crisis upward difficult journey turns into miracle of a story. 

Awareness, Access and Ability! A Story of inspiration during times of challenge. Gaining the tools, awareness and resources to flourish. 

3 Keys to Flourishing: 

Awareness- Involves being able to learn about things that support your mind, body and spirit. Knowledge of self-care and what you might need to support yourself. 

Access- Ability to receive and access to types of support people. People like professionals, life coaches, yoga teachers. 

Ability- Having the means to support flourishing. Resources to support your flourishing. Having the financial means to support yourself. Being able bodied to do something. 

We have the capabilities to build our 3 keys towards flourishing. Juggle the three A’s and let it help you to flourish. Exercise gratitude and saviour the things in life where you do have Awareness, Access and Ability. It will help you to recognize what you already have going towards your ability to flourish. Gain your awareness, by learning and gaining knowledge. Gain access to professionals and support. Gain your ability to do things by building your able body and celebrate what you have ability to do. 

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