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The Flourishing Center Podcast- Life Hacks, Science and How People Put Positive Psychology into Practice

Aug 14, 2019


Practitioner Profiler (PP)- Welcome to our Positive Psychology Practitioner Profiler  where we highlight ordinary people that are doing extra ordinary things! Each practitioner is one of our graduates of the CertifIcate in Positive Psychology Program. Find out the exciting ways people are putting the science into practice within their Communities, Organizations and Lives. 

In this episode, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya CEO & Founder, The Flourishing Center highlights Lizzie LaRock, a writer/photographer/coach based in Colorado. 

She teaches online and in-person creativity courses and workshops using photography, creative writing, mindfulness and applied positive psychology tools. 

She created a fascinating program called The Life Feast Online Experience. What is The Life Feast? The Life Feast is the online experience where you will savor, swoon and sincerely fall in love with life's little moments. You'll use photography, a smidge of mindfulness and the science of positive psychology to shake up your usual routine, amplify what's working and experience life through a different lens. 

Most of us live our lives rushing our kids to every enrichment experience under the sun. Our own creative wellbeing is on the backburner (or not even on the stove!). This is like trying to nourish ourselves with a cardboard tasting meal replacement shake rather than treating ourselves to a 6-course full on decadent feast every once in a while. But don't worry, this course is full of flavor with ZERO calories ... more nourishing than paleo, more fun than spin class … 

You do need curiosity ... and a smidge of playfulness won't hurt.

Lizzie teaches the power in the ability to Pause and see the things around us that are beautiful, to take notice what is around you, to observe and enjoy what you see! 

We get better what we focus on!!

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